Monday, 6 January 2014

Excitement and Nerves

Hello all !! I celebrated my 21st birthday with family and friends and spent the new year with my best friend watching the prodigy which was amazing!

New year and already I have deadlines which seem to be never ending, but onwards and upwards!

I start my block placement very soon which means that I will be acting as class teacher for about 8 weeks with half term in between... Very excited and nervous! I met the class I will be working with before Christmas and everyone is lovely so initial nerves have gone. I'm already prepared for early mornings and late nights as I have created a 'work and play' timetable. Work is very important to me but I think it's also important to switch off and let loose a bit, otherwise work will eventually take over your life!


I will write soon about how my placement is going, ta ta for now, Holly :) xxx

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